You won't see this Steampunk Cylon in Caprica

Our Steampunk Cylon contest is long over, but this waylaid entry from Raymond Tan, which came in too late to qualify for the competition, is cool enough to warrant a look back. It's certainly got a bit much of the Heavy Metal flavor in there — what with the tough babe stroking its leg (is that a steampunk Starbuck?) — but the detail and artistry is unquestionable (check out those gears inside the chest panel). It even looks influenced by this prototype Cylon seen in Caprica, which *ahem* you can now buy on DVD direct from our parent company, by the way.

Hit the jump to see a larger version of the design and a pic of the Caprica Cylon, and here's the big ol' gallery of all our Steampunk Cylon entries, just for old time's sake.