Vancouver vertical farm looks like a futuristic resort, but for plants and animals

What is this, a center for plants? Indeed it is — it's a multi-tiered skyscraper that houses farming and livestock spaces to grow food efficiently in an urban environment. The Harvest Green Tower is a winning design by Romses Architects for Vancouver's 2030 Challenge, and it'd make it possible for cows, chickens and fish to all be raised in a city alongside fresh veggies and fruit. That, and it'd look good doing it to boot.

A vertical farm such as the Harvest Green Tower would also have other benefits beyond greening a skyline. Power generated from methane emissions, collected rainwater and wind turbines could also be given back to the grid if it produces more than it uses. Harvest could also provide space for agriculture students and scientists to study animals and seeds.

Romses Architects, via Inhabitat