Trek Aerospace flying exoskeleton looks naked without laser cannons, missile launchers

Trek Aerospace's Springtail exoskeleton will come in handy once we're invaded by similarly equipped aliens, just like in Exosquad. The "exoskeleton flying vehicle" is described by the company as a "single operator power lift vehicle." It flies using a pair of five-bladed, counter-rotating rotors with ducts that can tilt to pitch and yaw, and vanes are mounted below the rotors to control direction. It can liftoff carrying over 350 pounds, travel for almost 200 miles, operate for over two hours and cruise at 100 miles per hour.

So what's the Springtail good for? Right now, it's more of a demonstration of Trek Aerospace's hardware, though the company foresees it filling roles "that encompass crop dusting, search and rescue, emergency response, transportation, and delivering cargo." And, of course, fighting aliens and helping secret agents travel about.