Tivoli cobbles 1,000 radios worth of gorgeous into its own 'Tower of Babel'

What business does a specialty audio supplier have at Milan Design Week 2009? Well, setting up the audio, I guess, but also erecting an over-15-foot tower made up of around 1,000 radios. Guess which of the two things Tivoli Audio was doing.

Called the "Tower of Babel," Tivoli founder and CEO Tom DeVesto teamed up with Italian native Ilaria Marelli to bring the tower to life. Officially, "Babel" was built to help promote Tivoli's upcoming collaboration with Italian furniture designer Giulio Cappellini, who is helping the company bring out a new color line. Unofficially? It's just damn cool. The Biblical evocation of Babel ties into the theme of Tivoli's NetWorks global audio system, which streams media stations in any language.

The tower will be reconstructed as an art installation in Moscow, London and Paris, thanks to its popularity in Milan. Click Continue to see it in all its glory.

Click on each picture to view a larger image.

Here's the front:


The back:


And, hey, even a video!

Via Tivoli Audio