Tiny, silent RC spy helicopter for inch-high private eyes

Cute remote-controlled helicopter toy for kids, right? Wrong. This is the PD-100 Black Hornet nanocopter, a tiny, flying spy video camera weighing half an ounce that has been developed by Prox Dynamics. With a servo that tips the scales at a flyweight-esque half a gram, the small-yet-mighty whirlybird has a top speed of 20 miles per hour and can be launched in seconds.

Prox Dynamics haven't fixed a price on the spy nanocopter as yet. The Black Hornet will come in packs of three, alongside a charger and RC unit, which has a color LCD screen that can display flight data and maps, as well as whatever it is you're recording. The Norwegian firm has said that it will be developing both civilian and military versions of its baby, but that the chopper will only be available for government agency use. Gah, Prox Dynamics, you're no fun at all. Still, perhaps it means we will get to see Jack Bauer using one in the next series of 24. Check the PD-100 gadding about on a YouTube vid below.

Via Daily Mail