THQ trounces Obama's paltry offering to the Queen with a gold-plated Wii

When Obama visited the Queen of England, what'd he give her? An iPod. Not an awesome, customized iPod, though to his credit he did personalize the contents with a "rare songbook signed by Richard Rodgers" and pictures of the Queen from an earlier visit to America. That, and the Queen pretty much gave him the same — a framed picture of herself.

Video game producer THQ took a look at all that and decide to one-up them all (not that it was too hard). The company sent Queen Elizabeth II a gold-plated Wii console with a matching Wiimote and nunchuck, as well as a copy of THQ's new title, Big Family Games. It's all just a promotion for THQ, of course, but hey — would you say no to a gold Wii?

Geek, via Geekologie