The WheelLY, portable shelter and storage for the homeless

From the oddly named Zo-loft architecture and design studio comes the WheelLY, a portable shelter and storage system designed for the homeless. WheelLY — as the name suggests — is designed to be easily rolled around, with a handle that also acts as a stand/brake when its lowered to the ground. The inside of the shelter contains pouches that can hold up to 250 pounds of personal items, and neoprene tubes unfold out of either end to provide warmth and protection from the elements.

At 16 inches across, the WheelLY can fit through most entryways, though it needs a total of 11 feet to totally unfurl — and several WheelLYs can connect to one another to form a larger space. While still rather unwieldy, it essentially condenses the shopping cart, food, clothing and sleeping bag that someone living on the streets normally has to lug around.

It's an interesting idea that's made for people who normally don't enjoy the attention of progressive designers. To pay for itself, the WheelLY could be sponsored by corporations and organizations that put their logo right on the unit.

, via Inhabit