Spira foam car gets 100 mpg, is light enough to lift, and even floats

However you feel about Crocs — which are amazingly ugly shoes and the inspiration for designer Lon Ballard's Spira — it's hard to say no to a car that manages 100 miles to the gallon and has a respectable top speed of 70 miles an hour. The craziest part? It's made out of 90% foam.

"The Spira team hopes foam will revolutionize autos and motorcycles like the Crocs and flip-flops have revolutionized shoes and sandals," he told Wired.

The agile little three-wheeler seats two in tandem, is light enough to be lifted by a person, is only ten feet long and just a bit over four feet tall, and even floats in water. Ballard's team also considers it safer than your average car, as "the millions of airbags in foam offer crash protection." I'm sure he wouldn't be far off if we were all driving foam cars, but I'd hate to see a truck bearing down on me while driving in the Spira.

Spira, via Wired