Sony Ericsson prototype cellphone Aino is a friend to your Play Station 3

Apart from Apple's iPhone, most of the interesting cellphones seem to come via Europe. So it's no surprise that Sony Ericsson today unveiled a prototype that is the closest yet to the oft-speculated, mostly-denied PSP phone that will have most gamers going a bit la-la*. The Aino, named after a creature in Finnish mythology, rocks an 8-megapixel camera, can sync with your PC over either Wi-Fi or 3G, and — here's the most bestest, brillest, pant-tastic bit — it connects to wirelessly to your PS3 wherever you are in the world.

It also comes with a wireless dock, a bluetooth headset, and headphones with little lights on the fob that flash in time to whatever music you're playing. There is, however, a downside. You can't yet play games with it, merely use it to view whatever digital content you have on your PS3. Let Aunty DVICE stress, though, that this is a prototype, so expect a Mark II version with gaming capabilities.

*Well, big oaks from little acorns grow. Be patient, joystick wobblers, it will happen.

Crave at CNET UK