SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone finally approved by Apple and AT&T

Fellow Slingsters, rejoice! Apple has finally approved SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone after months of hemming and hawing. For the steep price of $30, starting tomorrow morning you can download an iPhone application that will allow you to watch video from home, no matter where you are. Well, as long as you have an iPhone, a Slingbox and a Wi-Fi connection.

That's the catch. Slingbox Mobile's 3G access will be disabled, probably because AT&T wasn't willing to cough up the bandwidth necessary for millions of Slingbox users to watch video over its 3G network. The good news? Contrary to earlier reports, the app will work on older Slingboxes, too.

So that stingy bandwidth issue rears its ugly head again. Damn you, lame cellphone companies and greedy broadband providers! Someday you'll build out those networks enough for watching streaming video in any circumstance. But we're not holding our collective breath waiting for that.

Via Engadget