Sinister-lookng 'Autonomous Living Unit' chair wants to be your new home

The Autonomous Living Unit is a design by Eduardo McIntosh that turns your average seat into a monster of media and relaxation. Well, it may not be too relaxing — what with its wicked look - but it does have foot rests. That's something, right?

It's also got half a dozen of what look like speakers, dangling light bulbs, something that resembles a coffee maker in the back and a whole mess of tubes and wires. If it's hard to understand, maybe that's the point. McIntosh designed it as "a somewhat satirical project" for the "Future Cities: Past, Present" exhibition at the d3 Gallery in New York City.

Still, a chair that (to my mind) keeps me inundated with coffee and music? Sounds like the ultimate blogger chair. Check out the gallery below for a few more images.

Via Dezeen