Shiny, gold 'Buddha phone' comes with a customizable animated altar

The Odin 99, also known as the "Buddha phone" for pretty obvious reasons, is an altar-away-from-altar for more material Buddhists. The flashy gold-colored phone features a lotus-leaf emblazoned button that, once pressed, will load the phone's customizable, animated Buddhist altar. We're talking a full-service shrine, where you can burn some digital incense (smell not included), put down offerings or play some soothing tunes to help you meditate. Really, if they rebranded this thing as a relaxation phone, maybe it'd find a larger market than China, where the Odin 99 is currently available.

The entire package furthers those Buddhist "feel good" vibes, too. It includes an engraved metal charm — which would be much cooler if it was the battery — and a second battery as a gift. So for China, there's the Odin 99. For the rest of us, there's a slew of Buddha-approved iPhone apps.

Via Crave