Self-heating baby bottle of the future

No need to keep that baby cooped up at home when you can take your little bundle of joy far and wide with Karim Rashid's $38 self-heating baby bottle. Created for Danish company Iliamo, it's aimed at those on the go, using a tricky combination of salt and water to organically heat milk up to 98.6° in four minutes. We've heard of self-chilling beer cans, but this self-heating idea is a first.

Besides that neat trick, this is the most modern-looking baby bottle in existence, showing everyone that you're keeping abreast of all of the latest trends. And just think, while you're feeding that little tyke some nice warm milk, you'll be teaching your baby what the future looks like, swaddling the kid in way-cool design by Karim Rashid.

Hot stuff. Take a look at the internal mechanism that conjures up this magic:

Dansk Design, via Tuvie