'Salt & Pepper Cell' proves rechargeable batteries make better shakers

Antrepo Design Industry, the same folks behind the attractive Time Tuner, are moving their focus from the nightstand to your kitchen table. The "Salt & Pepper Cell" shakers are shaped like D batteries, though instead of holding energy they carry delicious seasonings.

Where a rechargeable battery would normally show you how much juice it has left, the pair of Cells have a clear cutout, and you'll always be able to tell when you're running low on salt or pepper. The rest of it is made out of stainless steel. There are options for a red and turquoise set, or classic black and white.

So here's the bad news — Salt & Pepper Cell isn't for sale yet. Antrepo is currently looking for someone to manufacture it. Here's hoping they do, as I can't remember being so charmed by a pair of shakers in, well, ever really.

Antrepo, via Fubiz