Powerloo dog toilet won't teach Fido to flush

I've always figured that aliens looking down at Earth must conclude that the dogs are in charge, as it is us humans who walk behind them picking up their poop. The Powerloo doggie toilet from Michigan inventor Curt Fournier doesn't do much to change that, but at least you'll have a place to put all that smelly dog doo-doo.

The Powerloo is a complete outdoor flush toilet that connects to your home plumbing and sewer lines, sucking down the poop after you've deposited it in special biodegradable bags. You still need to pick it up first, which I suppose is why I tend to prefer cats.

Now, if only we could teach dogs to wipe, flush, and put down the seat themselves.

The Powerloo will be available starting in June for about $1000, or about 10 times the cost of a regular human toilet.

Powerloo.com, via Treehugger