Microsoft rolls out two BlueTrack mice and a keyboard

Microsoft just introduced three new members of its BlueTrack family of input devices, including the Wireless Mouse 5000 (pictured above left), the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000, and the Wireless Keyboard 3000. If you missed the rollout of the Redmondians' BlueTrack tech, it's designed to work on any surface, including granite or glass countertops, and even carpets.

The $39.95 Wireless Mouse 5000 has an ambidextrous design, and is pretty much unremarkable. It's also offered as part of the $69.95 Wireless Desktop 3000, which includes the straightforward yet matching Wireless Keyboard 3000 ($39.95). The two are paired with a PC or Mac using Microsoft's 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, hooked up with the plug-and-play mini transceiver that we've found to be an effort-free connection routine.

The star of this rodent show is the $49.95 Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000, which includes what Microsoft calls its first nano transceiver, just .3 inches slim, barely showing itself as it hangs out of a USB port. Similar to the clever USB dongle included with Microsoft's Arc Mouse (which we find to be a delight every time we use it), this tiny transceiver nestles itself inside the mouse for easy carrying. All these new input devices will be available next month.

Via Microsoft