Microsoft hints at something special in Zuneland with two-pronged soft marketing campaign

Using a brand-spanking-new twitter account set up to publicize its Office 2010 software, Microsoft has been letting slip some juicy pearls regarding another of its products: its Zune player. "June 2009 will be an important month for Zune lovers," tweeted (I guess) a Redmond insider. Cue hundreds of very excited Zune fans firing questions back at the twitterer. Was he talking about a ZunePhone? Perhaps it's something to do with the fabled ZuneHD, they speculated.

Quick as you like, the Office 2010 twitterer changed tack, becoming a bit cagey. Don't buy iPhone, don't buy Pre, was all the Zuneheads could get out of him. Seeing this comes hot on the heels of Microsoft's latest commercial which has a reality TV star-turned-financial advisor extolling the virtues of a subscription-based service — hey, sounds like Zune Pass to me — against the $30,000 sponduliks he claims you need to fill a 120GB iPod with (legal) downloads.

With Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference scheduled for June 8, and a rumored Palm Pre release a couple of days before, next month looks like being a gadget showdown. Me I'm hoping that Microsoft's summer launch is going to be a Zune trouser press — admit it, the market is just crying out for one.

Engdadget Via Gizmodo