Memo robot is an R2-D2 for the elderly

Designer Watinee Leewongjaroen's "Memo" robot is designed to be the perfect companion and caregiver. It monitors its charge all day long, doing simple things like helping to find a pair of sunglasses, and performing more complicated acts such as calling for help in the event of an emergency.

Memo is also designed to have a more tender side, spending time playing games with the patient (such as a friendly round of chess), teleconferencing with friends and family and even dispensing pills when it's time for medicine.

While it's true that a robot such as the Memo could never replace the care a human provides — don't you think it's better than being alone? Human caregivers aren't tireless, after all, and sometimes — such as when you have Alzheimer's, for instance — just having a presence nearby is a huge boon. Check out the gallery below to see the Memo in a variety of situations.

Via Yanko Design