Lost has found new home on Hulu, along with more from Disney/ABC

Hulu.com just got better. In the works for a while, it's now official: Disney, owner of ABC and ESPN, has announced an agreement to join Hulu as a joint venture partner and equity owner of Hulu. Sure, some ABC content has been available before, but expect full-length versions of current and archived episodes of shows including Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Scrubs and even daily shows such as General Hospital and The View, all supported by ads and viewable directly on Hulu, not on ABC's website.

The deal will also include shows from ABC Family and SOAPnet, along with some favorites from the Disney Channel, and classics from The Walt Disney Studios.

Notably absent from the lineup is content from ESPN. They have a separate deal with YouTube, so they'll most likely stay away from Hulu.

"Hulu has shown that if you make quality content available on the web and combine it with an unbeatable user experience, viewers will come, and so will advertisers," said Jeff Zucker, president and CEO, NBC Universal (parent company of DVICE). "The addition of some of the best content Disney/ABC has to offer will only enhance Hulu's standing as a top site for high quality video entertainment."

Wow. Looks what happens when everyone agrees to play nice. We all win.

Via Hulu