LG Home Theater Combo pops out its tongue for your iPod

Look at LG, trying to make it all easy for iPod owners to get into home theater. This LG HB954TBW Blu-ray 5.1 Home Theater Combo features a unique slide-out iPod dock. It accommodates all iPods, but whether it's iPhone-friendly or plays back its video is still up in the air.

What if the new iPhone 3.0 could handle HD video, and this dock could play it back in non-up-rezzed, native 720p on your HDTV with full 5.1 sound? Now that would really be something special. But we're just dreaming now. Either way, we're digging that unusual tray, alleviating the need for a clunky outboard dock.

Introduced at CES 2009, the system's now selling in Korea and includes 5.1 speakers, amplification and a Blu-ray player inside. Not bad for around a $grand. Click through for another shot of the complete set, subwoofer and all:

Akihabara News, via Oh Gizmo