Kohler Uplift medicine cabinet: Gadgets welcome here!

The bathroom medicine cabinet was designed for a different era — an era without electric toothbrushes and mini LCD TVs by the sink. The Uplift by Robern (a Kohler company) is the cabinet for the connected home, providing six power outlets behind the mirror, letting you plug in all your bathroom gadgets without cluttering up your counter. The four-foot-wide mirror rises with the slight force of your finger from underneath, its position held by the rails on the side. Install an LCD on the optional mount, and you've got news in the morning while you brush your teeth. The Pendant lights on the sides (either ceiling or sconce) are optional.

Kohler says the Uplift is aimed at the "high end," and it has the pricing to prove it: The cabinets start at $2,000. That means we'll probably have to pass on getting one of these, as crisp as it is, but we're looking forward to seeing it featured on Gossip Girl.

Via Kohler