In the future of France, cars won't have rear axles (though they'll still look awesome)

France. The Year is 2037. 70% of the country's population lives in dense urban zones. Cars don't have rear axles.

Welcome to the future.

Or, at least, the future as envisioned by Adil Benwadih and his Nervastella concept car. (No relation, we imagine, to the classic Nervastella.) So what's the trick with that rear axle? Unfortunately I can't read the tiny printed French on the design, or I'd tell you. It's also anyone's guess whether this thing's a one- or two-seater, whether or not it's electric, or even if it flies.

Yet, really, that's what good concept art makes you do — think. Check out the gallery of the Nervastella down below, and let us know how you think it'd work (if at all).

Via Yanko Design