iLamp: If Gumby worked for Apple, this would be his desk lamp

This must be the 57th product to be called the iLamp, but it's definitely our favorite. This version, from Spanish designers Helbert S. Ferreira and Remi A. Melander, is a beautifully modern, flexible rectangle with a soft white light on one side. Made of while silicone with an electroluminescent polymer light, the lamp is bendy like Gumby — twist it into whatever shape you like, and it'll stay that way. Create a stand, wrap it around a pole, perch it on your shoulder… it's up to you.

The lamp's "manufacturer" is SystemDesignStudio, but there's no price or availability information on the company website. More than likely this item is a concept — at best a prototype — and may or may not be coming to living rooms near you. But hey, Apple, can you think of a better desk lamp for your cubicle drones at Cupertino?

SystemDesignStudio, via Unpluggd