Google polishes Chrome browser; version 2.0 now faster, shinier

Google speeds up its Chrome browser eight months after its initial release, claiming that this version 2.0 is 30% faster than its predecessor. We loaded it up and sure enough, it's even faster than earlier versions, and blows away Firefox and Internet Explorer by a country mile. Also added is the ability to quickly remove embarrassing sites from the "most visited" area on its startup screen, a true full-screen mode, hundreds of bug fixes, and finally, autofill that remembers what you've typed in web forms and saves you lots of effort.

If you haven't tried Google Chrome yet, this might be a good time to download version 2.0 and revel in its quickness, which is much faster, especially at rendering javascript web pages, than its competitors. It's a noticeable improvement. The only reason I'm not using it all the time is its lack of plug-in compatibility, something I've become so accustomed to in Firefox that I'm not ready to give it up. But when I'm looking for sheer speed, Google Chrome 2.0 is the only choice.

Here's a video showing Chrome 2.0's updates:

Via Google (download Chrome 2.0 here)