GefenTV Wireless HDMI extender beams 1080p up to 100 feet away

So let's get the bad news out of the way right up front: this puppy's a wallet-busting $900. That said, the GefenTV Wireless HDMI extender would make a fine addition to any home theater as it can beam a 1080p signal with Dolby 5.1 quality surround sound up to 100 feet away from the unit. For the wireless buffs: it's packing Amimon's 5GHz wireless technology under the hood, which our very own Charlie White reports is "squeaky-clean and lag-free."

The $900 system includes the transmitter and receiver. It's worth noting that this unit tops out at 1080/30 with its high def signal. If you're a stickler (read: have a TV warranting the wait), Gefen will no doubt come out with a Blu-Ray quality 1080/60 wireless device.

Gefen, via Engadget, via Coolness Roundup