Amazing FLUID faucet doubles as drinking fountain

Get rid of that toothpaste-encrusted cup, and get ready for FLUID, the faucet that turns into a drinking fountain with a simple flick of your wrist. Twist the knob on the side to adjust the water temperature, and move the "nose" to a level position to stop the water flow. The farther up or down you move it, the faster the water flows.

It's a concept from Köhler Design, a German group of designers not to be confused with the all-American Kohler Company, toilet makers to the stars, and creator of faucets that qualify as works of art. Maybe the two should team up and get this unique faucet into bathrooms across the world, pronto.

Either that, or we're getting one of those toothbrushes that also gives you water-fountain capability. Because really, how do you rinse after brushing? Put your mouth on the faucet? Use a messy cup that invariably gets caked with all that toothpaste on your mouth? Or cup your hands under the faucet?

Via Köhler Design