DVICE iPhone app — come and get it

iPhone owners, what's been holding you back from total enjoyment your favorite gadget? Right, exactly — there isn't a convenient way to read stories from DVICE while you're on the go. That is, until now. Yep, today DVICE debuts its own iPhone app, a reader program that's simple to use, but includes some very useful features.

First, all our content is optimized for the iPhone so it loads fast. The feed keeps track of which stories you've read, marking unread headlines with a blue dot. Plus you can watch all our DVICE videos on your phone, and the video player will even switch from portrait to landscape when you turn the phone 90º. All this for the grand total of $0.00.

Want this free one-way ticket to iPhone paradise? Head on over to our iPhone page to download the app, or just search for "DVICE" in the iPhone App Store. We hope you like the reader, and would love to hear what you think, in any case. Just try to visit us back on the regular site once in a while, 'kay?

DVICE iPhone App Page