Dr. Robot's Hawk 'bot serves drinks, plays drums and does anything else you teach it

From the frozen north comes the Hawk, a 'bot made by Canadian robotics R&D firm Dr. Robot (which is led by Dr. Haipeng Xie, who we assume is also a robot). The Hawk takes the shape of a lot of other telepresence robots we've seen, though it also has two articulate arms with which it can perform a variety of tasks.

Each of Hawk's arms are two feet long and have six joints apiece and cameras to help you see, and are equipped with grippers that are precise enough to unscrew a bottle cap. The 'bot can be controlled remotely, though it's also trainable, so it really could perform whatever actions you can dream up for its two hands. Its head and base are also studded with cameras and sensors, allowing Hawk to follow waypoints to move — such as when patrolling a home — or be manually operated.

Dr. Robot just came out with a bunch of videos of the Hawkster in action, showcasing not only its door-knob-twisting skills, but also demoing the Hawk pouring some drinks as well as grooving on some drums. Dr. Robot intends for the 'bot to be used as anything from a development platform to an automated tour guide.

Via Dr. Robot