Cutting board is sterilized in a UV-emitting dock

No matter how much you scrub, it's not easy to get rid of all of the creepy crawlies on a cutting board, especially if it has tiny crevices where those bacteria love to hide. Alkeo attacks that problem, giving you a special holder for its clear polycarbonate cutting board that shines a medical-grade germicidal ultraviolet lamp through the translucent plastic, theoretically killing any bacteria and viruses that lurk within.

The design might be even more convenient in an under-cabinet-mounted configuration. And, we're thinking it would probably be safer to still give that cutting board a good washing before you slide it into its ultraviolet holster. Ultraviolet light does do a pretty good job of destroying bacteria, and there are plenty of devices that take advantage of that capability — so this design concept might actually work.

Via Yanko Design