Claw-wielding robot climbs telephone poles in mere seconds

Just this morning we told you how Boston Dynamics is getting robots to hop like rabbits, and now the company, working with the University of Pennsylvania's "Kod*lab," has them climbing up poles. The 28-inch-long RiSE V3 has four claw-tipped legs that allow it to ascend vertical surfaces at a rate of 8 inches per second. That's certainly a lot faster than I could get myself up a rope back in gym class, but then again I wasn't specifically designed for rescue mission, recon and surveillance like this 'bot.

Want to see it in action? Click on through for a video. It's worth noting that the rope tied to RiSE in the video is just to make sure this expensive piece of equipment doesn't crack like Humpty Dumpty - it's doing all the climbing.

Kod*lab, via Technology Review, via Technabob