Chocolate-powered Formula 3 race car hits the track

Willy Wonka, eat your heart out. The University of Warwick is testing a Formula 3 race car that is powered by chocolate. Cocoa-scented exhaust fumes - yum!

The WorldFirst race car is built mainly from potatoes and the race-legal steering wheel is made from carrots and other veggies. The seat is made with soybean-oil foam and covered with a flax fiber weave. This is the first Formula 3 racing car made from renewable and sustainable materials.

The car can reach speeds of 125mph around corners and will be hitting a race track later this week. Unfortunately, Formula 3 cars can't race on biodiesel, which is the only thing that keeps this car from meeting all Formula 3 racing standards. Guess I'll have to wait for licorice tires.

This is an excellent example of how cars, race boats and more can be safer for the environment. This biodiesel engine runs on waste chocolate and vegetable oil. Waste chocolate? Is there really such a thing? Bad chocolate is better than no chocolate, right?

Keep reading for a video of the car in action.

Warwick via TG Daily