Calorie-counting smart patch measures energy intake and expenditure

Counting calories? Technology is available to help you, led by software like DietPower, and sophisticated websites such as the excellent and free FitDay. But those will soon be obsolete, because now there's a smart patch by PhiloMetron that measures how many calories you've eaten and burned. Then you can read 'em and weep on your cell phone, because those numbers are transmitted to it via Bluetooth.

The fun doesn't stop there. PhiloMetron's associated cell phone application has learned how to nag, whining things like "You missed your goal for today, but you can make it up tomorrow by taking a 15-minute walk or having a salad for dinner." That's something that could either be an extraordinary help or your worst nightmare.

The mystery is, how does PhiloMetron make this miracle happen? Nobody's saying how it works or what it costs, but they did mention it's only accurate to plus-or-minus 500 calories, which if you add it up, can be the difference between losing or gaining 52 pounds in a year. Still, studies show that monitoring caloric intake is a huge help for weight loss, so counting those calories automagically can only help.

Via Technology Review