Brilliant 'Wind-it' turns power lines into renewable energy wind farms

Metropolis Magazine's 2009 Next Generation contest challenged designers to "fix our energy addiction." The winning entry is such a brilliantly simple design that it's amazing we haven't implemented it already. Called Wind-it, French designers Nicola Delon, Julien Choppin and Raphael Menard have drummed up plans to install wind turbines on — and inside of — derelict electrical transmission towers.

The new additions would pump wind energy right into the grid without having to develop an extensive infrastructure. If a third of France's towers were installed with turbines, the team says, they could crank out as much as two nuclear reactors — about 5% of the country's power needs. That may not sound like much, but it's a steady stream of clean energy, and it places the turbines — which are usually considered to be eyesores — out of the way and, really, makes the transmission towers look a little better.

Check out more variations of Wind-it down below.

Metropolis Mag, via Inhabitat