Booby-trapped strongbox automatically shoots would-be safe crackers

Safe crackers beware when you penetrate this behemoth. This Russian strongbox from 1815 is packing a couple of guns to deter would-be thieves. Open the lid more than 20 degrees, and boom! Two pistols embedded in the sides of this treacherous vault will make you sorry you attempted such shenanigans. Dangerous safe? Oxymoronic, but true in this case.

If you can get past that lethal challenge, there are two more locked boxes inside, and the top one must be opened before you can get to the real goods in the bottom safe. This intricate strongbox, with its hidden keyholes, a total of 28 bolts, and secret buttons that release hidden springs, is enough to keep Indiana Jones busy for the rest of his life. What the heck were those Russkis storing in this thing?

Carlton Hobbs, via Popular Mechanics