Boeing's Airborne Laser shot down by the DoD along with another sci-fi weapon

We're never going to get to The Future at this rate. The Department of Defense is cutting two big sci-fi-ish projects in an effort to funnel its resources toward more practical research. Namely, both the Airborne Laser and the Multiple Kill Vehicle are getting scrapped.

Boeing's Airborne Laser, a megawatt-class chemical oxygen iodine laser (or COIL), is designed to destroy ballistic missiles before they reach their max velocity. Similarly, MKV missile defense pods were developed to launch a bunch of interceptors all at once. Missile defense technologies aren't being kicked to the curb, however, as the Missile Defense Agency will still enjoy a $9.1 billion with which it can pursue projects such as the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense and the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense systems.

If you've never seen the Multiple Kill Vehicle in action (or just want to relive the insanity), click through for a video.

Via Wired Danger Room