AT&T to speed up its 3G wireless broadband service ... eventually

Faster speeds are on the way for cellphones and smartphones everywhere, and AT&T announced its plans, aiming to speed up its HSDPA network to about 7.2Mb per second this year. That sounds good compared to its claim of 3.6Mbps speeds of its 3G network today, but we can only hope this new speed claim will be closer to its stated specs.

Don't hold your breath waiting for even quicker wireless broadband to be rolled out, though. The company plans to start testing its new 4G service next year, with the first customers signing on in 2011. After that, we're hoping other providers join in for some sweet competition in this area, finally getting closer to 4G's potential speed of 100Mbps to 1Gbps.

Now that would change the world. But jeez, I thought faster wireless broadband was going to happen sooner than this.

Via CrunchGear