Applying heat to bug bites stops itching?

Bug season is upon us, but this time we're going to make a special effort to be ready for those bloodsucking varmints. Short of blasting them with lasers, maybe this Heated Itch Soother can help. The theory behind it: If you apply heat to an itchy insect bite, it "helps neutralize the insect-injected proteins that cause itching and swelling." If effective, its $17 price seems a pittance.

As usual, we're skeptical. Its catalog description includes a small caveat, suggesting you apply this battery-operated thingamajig immediately after you get bitten for best results. We're thinking it might work better if you vigorously rub the device back and forth as you apply its heat. Oh wait, that's otherwise known as "scratching."

Improvements, via Oh Gizmo