Apple wants to cut prices, add features to Air to combat netbooks

If there's one thing Apple's hurting for, it's a real contender in the netbook arena. Netbooks have taken over the laptop market much in the same way the iPhone blew up the cellular world. Still, if you're thinking cheap and looking at Macs, the Mini's $600 won't matter if you want a notebook, and a $1,000 MacBook is easily overlooked when a lot of manufacturers offer netbooks at half the price.

With all that in mind, the word on the street is that Apple is looking to slash the price of the Macbook Air, making it a feature-rich, high-end netbook contender carrying a price tag of somewhere between $1,300 to $1,500. The new features would include integrated 3G support, as well as SSDs across all models of the Air. There's also a possibility that we could see GPS built-in as Apple is working on including geolocation in the Snow Leopard edition of OS X, though just how much of that makes it into the Air will have to be seen.

Our take? Apple's got to get away from the idea of a "high-end netbook." It's a strong, growing market, and the Air made a name for itself early on. The spare Air probably won't be able to recapture that initial momentum unless Apple finds a way to cut that sticker price in half.

Silicon Rumors, via Electronista