Would you do poo? Yamaha's methane-powered golf cart

I'm all for going green as the next person, but there has to be a line where you can be too green. Poo-powered vehicles? Yamaha Motor Co. has taken alternative power to a new level with a cow-painted golf cart powered by poo. Well, not directly, but the vehicle runs off poo-derived methane.

In Japan's Katori region, in Biomass Town to be exact, cow poo is processed into biofuel and then ultimately into methane gas. The bovinesque golf cart gets a tank of low pressure methane with a newly developed active carbon technology. The tank can hold up to 30 times its volume in methane at a lower cost than a high-pressure system. Yamaha is testing this on a golf course near Biomass Town, perhaps dodging cow patties in the field.

Is that really a divot on the fairway?

Japan for Sustainability via Inhabitat