Wandaquarium hangs on the wall, cleans itself

There's nothing quite like an aquarium to soothe your nerves, and here's one that mounts on the wall just like a picture frame. If just gazing at the Aquawall Wandaquarium's natural beauty isn't enough, you can keep tabs on the conditions inside your tiny waterworld with its LCD display that shows the water's temperature and oxygen content.

Maybe the reason it costs $1450 is that it somehow is able to automatically clean itself. Given that it's just under six inches from front to back, it might be a bit awkward to try to do that yourself, especially if you want to build this baby into the wall. But self-cleaning? Sounds fishy.

An easier and more versatile way to accomplish nearly the same thing would be to mount a high-resolution LCD monitor on your wall, and have it play a continuous loop of an aquarium. But somehow, that wouldn't be the same thing, now would it?

Click for a close-up of this luxo-aquarium:

Aquawall, via Born Rich