U.K. bakery uses Twitter to announce freshly baked bread

Finally, it seems there is a point to Twitter. The Albion Bakery in London is using something called Baker Tweet to announce what's cooking in their kitchen. Custom-built for the Shoreditch, East London, bread seller, Baker Tweet uses an Arduino board and a Linksys Wi-Fi adapter neatly arranged in a flour-, water- and egg-resistant box. When there's a fresh batch of bread out of the oven, it notifies Albion customers.

Digital Creative agency Poke — whose offices are across the road from the Albion — came up with the idea. On the front of the box is a screen and a large selection knob, which flicks through the bread and buns on the menu. Once the baker has chosen the right one, he then presses the "Send" button and London's Tweeting bun-lovers are the first in the know.

Baker Tweet , via SlashGear