Toto Neorest toilets, now even more high-tech, self-cleaning

Toto, the king of fancy-schmancy toilets, just topped itself with two revved-up additions to its Neorest line. Of course, they keep their superior remote-controlled butt-washing-and-drying features intact, spraying you front or back with an oscillating or soft wash, and then drying you afterward like any good car wash would. Both are smart enough to see you coming, lifting the lid automatically when you approach and closing it when you're done, giving you no-hands access to its comfortably heated seat.

The upgrade here is the self-cleaning prowess of these two loos, automatically whipping up a Tornado Flush when you're done that'll chase away even the stubbornest skid marks. That's helped along by Toto's CeFiONtect glazing that keeps that crap from sticking to it in the first place. Both the Neorest SE and LE have these same features, with the SE sporting a more contemporary design, and the LE's seat is sculpted in a curvier motif. Both are designed to be built into the wall, hanging there without even touching the floor. Who knew toilets could be so sexy?

These washlet-style toilets are still not catching on in the U.S., but besides their higher price, there's no good reason for that. With their super-cleaning and deodorizing power, they make a huge difference in quality of life — we're completely sold on the idea after living with the excellent Kohler version of this tech for the past year.

Neorest LE and Neorest SE, via Trendir