Tokyoflash reveals new zany desktop clocks that'll melt your brain

Tokyoflash, known of its mind-bending wristwatches, is now looking into how to crazy-up your desk as well. The company has nine designs, each one wilder than the last, and Tokyoflash wants your help picking out which one should be real.

Up above you can see my two favorites. On the left, a clock that is, true to Tokyoflash, indecipherable at first glance. Maybe if we could see its "subtle textural design with animation" in motion, we'd be able to figure it out. On the right is what looks like a UFO designed by Apple. In the middle of it is where you'd tell time — y'know, with those bars and circles and stuff. Yeah, good luck! Each clock will also double as a lamp as well as an iPod dock, from the looks of it.

Descend into madness with all nine designs down below.

Via Tokyoflash Japan