Tipping clock simplifies all of that spring forward, fall back stuff.

Spring forward, fall back. We all know the biannual routine, and I always end up running around the house changing everything from the microwave to the watch on my wrist. It's not exactly a big chore, but a clever way to make it easier would be nice.

Designer Denis Guidon's brilliant idea was to create a clock which could sit at two different angles, one for daylight savings time, and the other for the rest of the year. The catch is that in one of these positions a minute hand would be off by five minutes, so his clock dumps the minute hand completely, reminding me of the groovy Mondaine Don't Rush watch.

Minute hand or not, I kind of like the style of the Ora ilLegale, so hopefully it will be available soon.

Yanko Design, via Coolest Gadgets