Time Warner Cable digs the hole even deeper, threatening to delay broadband upgrades

Those tone-deaf Time Warner Cable weasels are at it again. Now the mulish execs in charge of the Road Runner broadband service dig the public-relations hate hole even deeper with their latest cocky decision, saying the planned next-generation upgrade of their Internet service to the much-faster DOCSIS 3.0 could be put on hold in cities where metered broadband was to be rolled out.

Soon after that "consumption-based billing" idea was floated, it was met with a firestorm of criticism and protests from customers and Congressmen. Time Warner's answer: hold off on that broadband capping scheme, "educate" customers, and then vindictively mention they were going to "reconsider" the 50mbps DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade to those same areas, including Greensboro, Rochester, San Antonio and Austin.

Is this what the Time Warner Cable CEO meant by an "education" process? This ought to teach those nagging complainers a lesson. So, stranded customers with few other choices, take your pick: cope with some of the slowest broadband service in the developed world, or pay much higher prices for capped broadband. Thanks, Time Warner Cable.

Via Gigaom