6 gadgets we wish were April Fool's jokes, but weren't

April Fool's Day. It's the Super Bowl of pranksters, when everybody — gadget sites included — tries to fool people into believing absurd and ridiculous stories.

And then sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes we hear about a product that is completely insane, so far-fetched we can't believe it's true, and yet it is. Click Continue to see six gadgets that should have been April Fool's jokes, but, sadly, were the real deal.

nout_1449.jpgNose Picker
Can't you just use your own finger?

Motorized Twirling Ice Cream Cone
Too lazy to twirl around your own ice cream cone? Furthering the tomfoolery, there's not even a cone involved here, just a piece of plastic.

Animal Doorbells
What kinds of noises would you like to be summoned with? Horses are for ridin', not for door-bellin', so we say nay to this one.

Tampon USB Drive
Nobody will be poking around in here for your data — sized in regular, super and ultra for your convenience.

Pee-Powered Battery
If this really worked, our energy problems would be flushed away.

Redundant Clock
A suitable foolish gift, straight from the department of redundancy department.