The Dot car, a concept for a future where everyone's tailgating

We've seen stackable cars that have crazy wheels, but here's a futuristic concept that looks like one itself. The "Dot," by UK-based designer Varun Niti Singh, is an electric, emission-free vehicle that can stack against other Dots for greater performance.

The core of the Dot's group-friendly driving experience is that it's a networked vehicle. Once it's out on the road, it can invite other vehicles to join it on its route, and, not unlike Voltron, all the cars perform better. At least, that's the plan. Cars the stack on the road are a popular idea at the moment, but the technology to make them possible — and the real-world logistics — is still a ways away.

Check out more of the Dot and its interior in the gallery below.

Eco Friend, via Auto Motto