Tele-Egg phone buddy shakes its legs when you get a call

The Tele-Egg is a companion for your phone, though it doesn't expressly do anything your cell doesn't — it lets you know when you have a call by wiggling its stubby legs. (Isn't there a story about an egg-shaped guy falling off a wall?) If you're prone to leaving your cell in another room or on silent, then maybe having a Tele-Egg in your living room or bedroom (or both!) would keep you from making apologetic callbacks. If you really have no use for the Tele-Egg, it's only $6 and displays the time, too.

Hey, it's shape just right to be a late Easter gift, too. Or you could take a look at our 12 amazing egg-shaped gadgets.

Tele-Egg, via TechFresh