Tauntaun sleeping bag will keep you warm in a galaxy far, far away

As per usual, ThinkGeek has a ton of hilarious and fake products listed for April Fool's Day. Right off the bat we fell in love with the USB Pet Rock and the idea of bacon you can squeeze out of a tube, but this adorable Tauntaun sleeping bag clearly trumps the lot. A built-in Tauntaun head pillow? A glowing lightsaber zipper pull? I'm sold. Still, it does look a little hard to clean — and if you think it smells bad on the outside…

Right now, the Tauntaun sleeping bag is just a joke. Flood ThinkGeek with emails and maybe they'll end up making it — it worked last year.

UPDATE: ThinkGeek updated the Tauntaun page saying, "Due to an overwhelming tsunami of requests from YOU THE PEOPLE, we have decided to TRY and bring this to life." Looks like it may just happen yet! The ThinkGeek crew has to work things out with Lucas first, but keep those fingers crossed!

Via ThinkGeek