Squirrel light an eco-friendly form of rodent worship

In Britain, the lovable red squirrel — think Tufty, he of the dated public information films — has been virtually wiped out by its cousin, the eastern gray. While some people have more dramatic methods of making sure the species, down to its last 160,000, lives to gnaw another nut, there are other ways of returning them to your garden — such as this solar-powered light.

Made from (un)realistic weathproof poly resin, you stick the squirrel in a sunny spot to enable its solar pod to soak up the rays by day, and then move him to wherever you want by night. What I like most about this $54 light, however, is that, rather like the high-art painting of the poker-playing dogs, the squirrel seems to be playing the ocarina. Now that's what I call talent.

Eco-lights.com Via OhGizmo!